Built on the David Vs Goliath Myth
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Framework to build partnerships as a revenue growth channel


Partner with a larger company to drive adoption of your product and boost revenue.


Partner with agencies and affiliates to enter a new market and drive new user growth.

Ashutosh Cheulkar

Built partnerships with tech giants like Notion, Slack, and Typeform. Over 7+ years, he has built 50+ tech partnerships & 100+ channel partnerships, making him a legend of revenue-led growth.
Head of Growth

Partner with tech goliaths

From partner selection → cold outreach → getting on the first call → Building trust → Aligning stakeholders → GTM → Driving adoption → scale revenue. Make your partnership a success by preparing for contingencies such as partner POC leaving midway, health metrics not being in place, GTMs not landing as expected.

Onboard & activate channel partners

Choose between Agencies & Affiliates → Identify incentives → Educate & Empower → Create a Partner Directory → Track success metrics. Make the partnership a success by ensuring partner engagement & reactivating dormant partners.

Scale your partnership program

Build playbook for B2B product integrations and channel partnerships. Execute it multiple times to craft a foolproof partner program. Customise the strategy for different problems such as co-building for product enhancements or entering a new market.


“The David & Goliath analogy hits the spot”

After leading partnerships at Canva, I felt I knew everything.  I stand corrected - the CRAFT is a structured approach to every part of driving partnerships as a channel. It talks about nuances that are hard to not appreciate. Extremely structured, nuanced and actionable on the next Monday morning. If you are building partnerships - this is the answer to almost every problem you are facing/will face.
Yoheswaran Gnanavel
Led Partnerships for India
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Learning experience

session 1 | SEP 15th

Kick-off call

Meet the GrowthX community members you will be learning with. Get clarity on how you will learn the CRAFT of Partnership Led Growth. Talk about common problems you've faced while building partnerships and learn from your peers. Get access to a pre-read for the deep dive.
session 2 | Sep 16th

Partnerships Deep-Dive

  • Is your product ready for partnerships? Key litmus test.
  • How does partnerships change by stage of the product?
  • Core nuances of product integrations.
    ○ How to define the right success metrics?
    ○ How to define the right success metrics?
    ○ How to go from customer feedback insight to conviction building?
    ○ Mental models to choose your 'Ideal Partner Profile’.
    ○ Reach out plan for finding the right POC in a potential partner company.
    ○ How to design first few calls, stakeholder alignment & building trust with partners?
    ○ How to solve for early proof of concept & GTM limited version?
    ○ How to build a cadence to drive integration adoption & track success?
  • Core nuances of channel partnerships.
    ○ How to identify the right channel partners?
    ○ How to build an outreach strategy at Day 0?
    ○ How to create segmentation between self serve onboarding vs white glove onboarding for channel partners?
    ○ How to design for the marketing collaterals that helps channel partners pitch effectively?
    ○ How to create the right incentives for channel partners?
    ○ How to track channel partner metric health & gamify for 1 to 100 scale?
    ○ Key nuances of solving for churned channel partners.
  • Case Studies include:
Session 3 | Sep 18th 

Project Briefing

Work with diverse set of peers - founders, strategy leaders, heads of partnerships, product, marketing, brand, & analytics to solve a partnership led problem statement in a live setting. This typically helps you solve cold-start problem while learning the CRAFT.
Session 4 | Sep 23th 

Program Director's Circle (Live setting)

Go multiple layers deeper with your program director into the CRAFT. Absorb feedback being discussed about some of the top proof of work built by members. Get access to intense Q&A with your program director and deepen your understanding of the nuances in partnership led growth.


“I got actionable feedback on how to build partnerships for my company”

Ashu's craft shows how businesses can grow by teaming up with partners. Even small companies can work with big ones to succeed. If you're starting a business in a new place and need help, this course is really useful.  I appreciate how Ashu really listens to us. It's clear he cares about solving out problems. I think it's a great course and suggest others to take it too!”
Rajnish Kumar
Head,  Demand Generation
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GrowthX membership includes
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Access to 2200+ leaders
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Operator focused sprints
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Weekly unlimited masterclasses
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Frequently asked questions

What is CRAFT at GrowthX?

CRAFTs are specialised programs that help you go from point A to point B in your career. If you want to achieve exponential outcomes, it's non-negotiable to build depth, proof of work and connect with the right people. That's exactly what CRAFT allows you to do. Taught by the best in the industry, they're in depth modules, that help you build actionable craft that achieve real outcomes.

What is pricing for CRAFT?

CRAFT is offered as a part of the whole GrowthX membership. Apply for a membership here

Who is eligible for CRAFT?

Exclusively available for GrowthX members who have completed the 8 week immersion.

Can I apply if I am not a member?

The event led growth learning sprint is part of the GrowthX membership. To get access, you will need to apply for a membership.

Do I need to pay to attend partnership led growth?

If you’re not a GrowthX member, you will have to sign up to the membership.

How do I become a member?

You can apply for a membership here

Will I have access to the program director?

Ashutosh Cheulkar will be doing a live session to answer all questions and to break down & give feedback on two member built case studies.

Will have access to recordings?

There will be no access to recordings post the sessions.

Are these sessions live?

The sessions are hybrid. Some sessions will be live, while others will be async. All sessions will be accessible for only a limited time period.