GrowthX started

as a serendipity.

GrowthX started as a serendipity.

Both of our co-founders Abhishek & Udayan led large part of growth at CRED & Razorpay. But, every time they got stuck at a growth problem - it was frustrating to find an operator who could help with the specific knowledge.
That’s what led to the first ever GrowthX session in 2019. We had 9 curious bunch of people showing up at a beautiful place in Bengaluru - The Bohemian House in Richmond Town.
The idea was simple, write content on LinkedIn & product YouTube videos to attract the right kind of growth leaders to these smaller settings & discuss → help each other solve their growth problems at work - simple!
After doing over 50+ editions & brainstorming with 300+ growth operators, founders & some marquee leaders we got two insights.
Almost everyone lacked the structure to growth.
Everyone loves solving problems together.

And then

We did a small day long masterclass on “Growing your mobile app” & things just blew up. In under 24 hours we had over 126 people paying upfront and joining an in-person masterclass. All of it without a single dollar on marketing.
And then the pandemic hit. Everything went south on in-person learning experiences.
That’s when we launched the our first full-fledged learning program that covered all aspects of growth right from acquisition all the way to monetization & even how to hire / build the right growth function.

We sold
out again.

With a wait list of 100s of people trying to do the GrowthX 8 week immersion program. We never expected this. We grew to first 300 members quickly with first few immersion programs.
But, Udayan & Abhishek were still leading large part of GrowthX at Razorpay & CRED. This was still a passion project.
July 2021, both took the leap of faith and quit their hypergrowing jobs & went full time on GrowthX.
The GrowthX community poured love with our first funding right getting oversubscribed. GrowthX became India’s largest angel round with 212 investors coming onboard & invested USD $1.5 million.

212 Investors
supported us.

Founders and CXOs from these marquee companies & 160 more invested in GrowthX to help us build Growth as a function in India.
The problem has a nuance. Most growth operators & leaders wanted to solve for true revenue growth. So, we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves - what are we really solving or more importantly what we should be solving?
We got to some facts. First, India is at $3.6 Trillion GDP. In the last 76 years of independence, as a country we have come to a good state and will 2X to $7 Trillion economy by 2030. Our minds were blown.
So we started looking for input levers to this $7 Trillion goal. That’s massive growth as a country.
But, it’s about the people who build and scale these companies. And that’s exactly what GrowthX solves for.
Our vision is to really build the right community of people who will build and scale revenue of new age internet companies in India.
That’s why we built GrowthX on extreme focus on building growth leaders & teams around them. Go through the GrowthX membership guide to understand how we help members become the top 1% leaders India needs.
Structured learning, curated community & orbit
changing outcomes – in one membership.
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Structured learning, community & orbit changing outcomes – in one membership.
GrowthX members are leaders at
marquee internet companies