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Our Story

We started our invite-only learning community back in 2019, as a place for founders, marketers, and product professionals to soundboard, brainstorm, and ideate on growth problems every Sunday.
Our community soon expanded into a 300-member network of leaders and operators who met, brainstormed, and solved growth problems together.

When the pandemic hit, we launched our full-fledged learning experience, covering all aspects of growth.

GrowthX evolved into a 12-month experience, bundling the seven ingredients of professional growth, including networking, mentor-led learning, access to hiring top talent, job opportunities in breakout roles, GrowthX forum, case studies, and frameworks.
Join a diverse team of ex-founders, growth, product leaders, board game designers, musicians, dancers, MMA fighters, anime weebs & artists.

We back our builders

You own a metric and have the autonomy to impact it.
Generous ESOPs
Become a shareholder right from day 1 and be eligible for additional stocks every year.
ESOP buyback program
Liquidity events will be made possible from time to time, and will be eligible to be sold.
Full medical cover
A medical insurance of ₹5 lakhs every year on top of your CTC, full body & dental on us.
Personal accidental insurance
We've got your back, always: ₹10 lakhs worth of cover allocated under this policy.
Unlimited therapy
Access to unlimited therapy sessions through our wellness partner Plum.
Team off-sites every year
A serene location, great weather and people you love to build with over a weekend.

Core values

the rituals we practice
Aesthetic Utility
We believe that form and function are two sides of the same coin. In everything we create or choose to use at GrowthX, aesthetic appeal is as important as practical utility. We strive for solutions that not only work efficiently but also elevate the experience through thoughtful design.
Active Empathy
We define empathy as active, compassionate listening. At GrowthX, understanding others' thoughts and feelings isn't just a virtue; it's a practice. This empathetic lens enriches our internal relationships and allows us to create products that resonate deeply with our members.
Structured Execution
Imagination meets discipline at GrowthX. We are guided by a unique blend of creative audacity and disciplined execution. We believe that the most fantastical ideas can become realities when guided by a solid structure.
Change Champions
We're in the business of transformation. At GrowthX, our products are designed to catalyze meaningful shifts in perspectives and lifestyles. We embody the change we wish to see, leading by example to foster transformation for all our members.
Ethical Transparency
Openness isn't just a policy; it's our operational model. At GrowthX, there are no hidden agendas or walled gardens. From Slack communications to financial discussions, we create an environment where everyone has visibility and a voice in the matter.

The lifestyle inside.

With a 24 median age of the founding team, you can expect a combination of 90s, and 2000s.
humans of GrowthX right after an intense cricket match
busting bugs one at a time
chai + rain = true love
making the final changes (final_last_final2.mp4)
just hanging around a bit (cozy max)
drawing doraemon day in and out
At GrowthX Store launch event, circa 2024
maintaining that fitness streak together
the recipe to make a PS5 overheat
pool volley in the serene Nandi hills during team offsite
when you see that growth number coming
Backed by marquee
investors members
In our last funding round, 65% of the total funds came from GrowthX members along with CXOs from marquee internet companies to help us in our mission.
July 6, 2022
“GrowthX raises $1.5 Million the largest ever community-led seed round with 212 investors”

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