Check your eligibility

If you are an operator

you should be or want to work in a internet first/ technology company. Since our membership is optimised to help you solve for product building, distribution, strategy  & scaling , we find applicants with atleast some exposure of working in a tech/ internet company relevant.

If you are a founder

you should either be solving for $0 to $1 mil ARR or $1 mil to $10 mil journey right now. You should be either selling on the internet or building a tech first product. If you are an idea stage founder, you must have solid operator experience in the past.

All being said, we recommend you to apply to really understand the mutual fit & we have built a solid application process to figure if you are eligible or not. If we think GrowthX won’t be a fit, we will tell you that without sugarcoating it - we will always to do the right thing.

Application Process

We have a dedicated membership curation team that looks after every single application, speaks to them over a zoom call and then gives a decision. You can become and start your journey right away as soon as you become a member.


Fill the membership application  form (60 seconds)

Help us understand your background, immediate professional (operator) / company goal (founder) & what’s stopping you from achieving that goal.

Start your application


Work with us on a small growth problem (60 mins)

The format is over zoom and with other applicants in a intimate closed group setting. You can pick a spot on weekdays at 6pm or over weekends (first half).

This conversations helps us understand your ability to listen to a contrary perspective, critically reason a specific problem & ability to articulate your thoughts.


Get a acceptance/waitlist decision (24 hours)

Receive the decision over email & WhatsApp from our membership curation team. The team might reach-out for additional questions about your application.


Become a

Secure your membership by paying the membership fees. You start using the membership based on your goals immediately.

Member profile breakdown

6.5 yrs

Median work experience.
Ranges from 2-20 years


Members from 1800+
top internet companies

60 : 40

60%  members work in
B2C while rest in B2B


Mid Senior
  • Group Product Managers
  • Principal Product Managers
  • Head of Product Marketing
  • Head of Brand & Partnerships
  • Growth Managers
  • Senior Product Managers
  • T-shaped Marketers
  • Head of Analytics


  • Co-Founders
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Growth Officers
  • Chief Product Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Partner - Venture Capital
  • VP - Growth/ Marketing
  • VP - Product/ Design


Early Stage
  • Growth Marketer
  • Product Manager (APM / PM1)
  • Product Marketer
  • Brand Marketer
  • Performance Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Partnerships Associate
  • Product Analyst I / II
  • Founders Office Associate

Our members are the top 1% leaders at marquee companies.

Membership fees & inclusions

Once you get accepted, you will pay membership fees to become a member. The current membership fee is ₹62,500 + Taxes. Every single access inside GrowthX is unlocked as part of this membership. We have partnered with Razorpay to have 3 month no cost EMI option on most Indian Bank card credit cards. You can split this payment into 3 simple monthly instalments at $0 cost.

15+ Learning
Decision Making for leaders
Partnership Led Growth
Customer Acquisition
User Onboarding
Retention Strategy
Product Strategy
Building Growth Teams
Event Led Growth
Monetisation Strategy
Tech for Growth
Data Led growth
GTM for leaders
GTM for leaders
Brand led growth
Modern trade for D2C
Annual retreat
3000+ member only slack
City chapters
Women circle
Bi-weekly masterclasses
Full stack
career growth
Personalised Career roadmap
Access to exclusive job board
Interview prep modules
Mock interviews with peers
Profile review
Cracking Promotions module
Founder’s Circle
450+ founders only private slack
Access to top growth talent inside GrowthX
Exclusive Founder first events (online + In-person)
Invitation to private dinners with seasoned founders
Founder’s Circle
450+ founders only private slack
access to top growth talent inside GrowthX
Exclusive Founder first events (online + In-person)
Invitation to private dinners with seasoned founders


Who should join GrowthX?

Ambitious operators in a business/ product role wanting to accelerate their individual contributor → senior manager → leadership journey. Plus, founders under $20 million revenue trying to solve people, process & revenue focused problems.

Our current diversity has 60% members who work on a B2C product while the rest in B2B companies. The mix includes 35% founder, over 55% in either product/marketing/ revenue roles & approx. 10% are transitioning into a revenue focused role. Median work experience in the community is 6.5 years with the range being 0 → 18 years. A balanced mixture of leaders in post PMF/ Seed → Mature stage organisations. We have seen members who get a high ROI have 3 following criteria.

  1. Working in a digital product-related role. Since our community focuses on solving common problems related to growing digital products, we prioritize applicants from the functions most likely to be actively tackling those problems currently. This includes product management, marketing, engineering, design, analytics, strategic finance, founders office, founders, and other roles.
  2. Demonstrate strong initiative. GrowthX is a community of contributors, but you don’t have to be an expert to join. To make the most out of GrowthX, members should be curious, engage with other members, volunteer ideas, and share insights.
  3. Showcase empathy as core value.Empathy is at the core of our close knit community. Our members go out of their way to help each other out. Your empathy quotient will be critical to getting accepted into the membership experience.
Who shouldn’t apply to GrowthX?

Anyone seeking easy hacks, tricks or someone to solve your growth problem. Unlocking sustainable revenue growth takes hard work and ongoing effort. GrowthX is built on a structured approach and peer learning -  we do not believe in “hacks”.

How do I access my membership? Is this remote?

Yes. Every learning experience is online while in-person experiences are in major metro cities in India - the full list is mentioned above in the community experience section. We do not restrict applications by your geographical location.

Is this full time? What’s the time commitment?

No. Over 95% of our members are full time professionals & every experience is designed to cater to someone with a watertight work schedule. Most experiences happen post working hours (8PM onwards on weekdays) & intense learning experiences are on weekends (typically 9 AM - 1 PM).

What do I get with my membership?

Once you become a member, access to everything opens up on day 0.

  1. The 8-week live immersion program: New memberships include 1-time access to our seasonal immersion program: live, in-depth learning experience led by our program directors. Go through the detailed overview of the immersion program here.
  2. The Slack community: Members can access our Slack community of 2500+ growth leaders & founders from the Indian ecosystem including leaders from Freshworks, Swiggy, Zomato, Stripe, Netflix, Zoho, Meesho, Stable Money, Microsoft, Facebook & Zerodha.
  3. 15+ CRAFTs:  CRAFTs are specialized learning programs that members get access to every single quarter. Senior leaders from Apple, Microsoft, Google, CRED, Razorpay, Netflix & more teach these programs. These are built to help you build nuanced muscle across product building, distribution & leadership. As a member you get unlimited access to all CRAFTs.
  4. ELEVATE: Everything an operator needs to - crack a growth role, transition to leadership roles, get a promotion, or even thrive in your current role. On-demand video case studies that will help you nail every single growth role (early → mid-senior → leadership). Plus, get safe spaces to practice your interview nailing skills.
  5. City Chapters: Access to seven city chapters: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, & Kolkata. Our members are across India & 8% members are global.
  6. Offsite: Access to the annual offsite for the entire community, by the entire community, and of the entire community.
  7. GrowthX Quora: Access to the internal “Quora”, where all the members jam on interesting problem statements, a treasure trove of insights, data, & your new 3 AM buddy.
  8. More things keep adding to the membership - here’s the 2024 unwrap.
How do I contact GrowthX membership curation team?

Email is the best way to contact us, and we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our membership team at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap.

Can I speak with current GrowthX members?

You can message any of the members through Linkedin. If you hit a roadblock, drop us a note [email protected] and we will connect you to a few.

I want to get my membership reimbursed by my company.
Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible. Once you secure your membership, just use the support channel inside the dashboard to generate a GST compliant invoice in your employer/company name. We’ll be happy to help you with this. If your company wants to make a direct payment, we can share bank transfer details and raise a direct invoice if that works for your employer.  just write to [email protected] and we'll help you write an email to your manager.

Do you provide low-cost EMI/ financing options?

You can use credit card EMI from all the leading banks, debit cards, UPI, and Internet banking or if you would like to pay by wire transfer, please contact [email protected]. We do offer a 3 month no cost EMI on most credit cards.

I require a GST invoice. Do you provide it?

Yes, we do. Upon completing your purchase you can send us your GST details to [email protected] or generate a GST invoice from within the portal as well.

Are there any additional costs to attend GrowthX events & programs?

All learning programs, (access to one 8-week immersion program, access to CRAFTs) are included in the membership fees. There is a price for each offline community event, as the charges from the venue are passed on to every member attending the event. This will be available on the event page the community team shares with the members.