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Build your inner circle

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THE Smartest room to be in

GrowthX Fam

Community is like a magic pond. All you have to do is ask and the whole fam pours with help.

Access to 2,200+ growth leaders

A community that helps your career compound.

Ask a growth Problem

Think of this as your personal Quora for growth problems. Ask a question, give context, explain what you’re struggling with, get your problems answered. Don’t outsource your day job, but always get pointed in the right direction.

Find impactful connections

The top operators and founders are just a DM away. Our members have started companies, raised funds, made career switches, travelled, etc. What will you do?

Get curated content

Get exclusive access to the minds of the top 1% growth talent. Understand what they consume, how they think & what makes them tick. Brainstorm, debate and discuss to improve your craft and cultivate unparalleled insights.

Case study repository

Consume over 5000+ projects built by top GrowthX members & learn from their perspectives.

Kunal Bisla
Growth PM @ Robinhood
Marketing @ Ampverse
Sarthak Singh
PM @ Juspay
Apoorva Uniyal
Brand @ Playshifu
Chakshu Grover
VP @ Goldman Sachs
Rahul Mathur
Product @ InsuranceDekho
Varun Khosla
Strategy @ Conduent
Radhika Agrawal
VC @ Blume

Exclusive for members


Picture this. An exotic location. Top operators in one place. Once a year. Think of this as networking pro max.

Curated city level meetups

Find your fam closer to home, across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad & more cities.

+ more cities launching every quater

Member Led Masterclass

GrowthX is built on the foundation of peer led learning. You get to learn from members who have built proven craft in a specific aspect of revenue growth/ team building/ investing & more.

Founder's circle

Safe space for early stage founders to brainstorm across setting up founding team, org building & much more.

Curated Events

At GrowthX events, networking is not the priority. Building deep friendships is.

Featured in the Times of india

GrowthX Phoenix

Over 20,000 Indians have lost their jobs in 6 months. The only way out is by helping each other. Phoenix offers end to end help for layoffs powered by the GrowthX community.

Mental Wellness

Unlimited therapy sessions during this transition phase

Financial planning

Plan your finances for the next 6 months until you land your next role.

Career Guidance

Don't just job rebound. Get a framework to find your next role.

Find your next role

An exclusive job board curated by the GrowthX community.

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Community Fundraiser campaign

COVID-19 Relief

Community thrives on impact

We are proud to share that our community has come together in an extraordinary way to support those affected by COVID-19. In partnership with GiveIndia, we launched a relief campaign to raise funds for critical resources and aid to those in need. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our community members, we were able to surpass our fundraising goals and make a significant impact. Together, we raised a remarkable amount of funds to support the purchase of essential medical equipment, supplies, and food for those affected by the pandemic.

80% of  the top 100 startups

Top leaders & operators of the startup eco-system are a part of the GrowthX Community.

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