IPL led growth framework for startup leaders 🏏

Based on experiences from spending ₹300 crores of total marketing spends in 3 years of IPL.

Over ₹4,000 crores are spent on advertising during IPL (Indian Premier League) every year. BCCI alone makes ₹700 crores from official sponsorships.

So, if these brands are spending so much money on advertising during IPL, it must be working for them, right? Not necessarily. Very few brands have really nailed the science of cracking IPL to the finest detail.

After spending ~300 Crores over the years on multiple IPL campaigns during my stint at CRED & Dunzo, I am open sourcing the underlying framework to solve for business growth with IPL like platforms.

This playbook is for you if you are thinking about using IPL as part of your distribution strategy. I won’t sugar coat stuff in this playbook, so a lot of existential crisis would come if you haven’t ever done an IPL led campaign.

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