Bounce rate

Learn the definition and meaning of Bounce rate along with an example

Bounce rate
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Bounce rate is the percentage of users who arrive at the website but end the session without exploring other pages or within the first few seconds. In simple words, as soon as they land on your website within no time they exit or drop out.

How is it useful?

A high bounce rate is an indicator that your website or a particular webpage needs to be fixed.
A few reasons for the high bounce rate can be:
  1. Your website load time is too high.
  1. You are attracting the wrong audience to your website.
  1. Your website content is not relevant to the user's expectations.
What is a good bounce rate range?
Data from SEMRush suggests that:
  • Average bounce rate: 41% to 55%
  • Optimal bounce rate: 26% to 40%
  • High bounce rate: Above 46%


Assume user A has arrived on your website. However, they closed the tab without exploring your pricing page or your product page. This user A is said to have bounced from your website since they didn’t spend enough time on the website.