Uber’s PRD Template

Define, design, and deliver products that meet customer needs through a comprehensive, data-driven approach.
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Uber's PRD (Product Requirements Document) template serves as a comprehensive guide for product managers to define, document and communicate their product vision and requirements to the development team. The template is designed to help product managers think through the various aspects of their product and align stakeholders around a shared understanding of what needs to be built.

The headings of Uber's PRD template include:

  1. Problem Definition: This section helps product managers articulate the customer pain points and market gaps that their product aims to address.
  2. Context: This section provides a high-level overview of the industry landscape, competition and other external factors that may impact the success of the product.
  3. Goals/Success: This section outlines the objectives and success metrics that the product manager aims to achieve with the product.
  4. Solution: This section provides a detailed description of the proposed solution, including the key features, functionalities and user experience.
  5. Proposed Approach: This section outlines the development approach, including the timeline, milestones, resources and potential risks.
  6. Wireframes: This section includes wireframes and mockups that illustrate the proposed user interface and user experience.
  7. Product Definition: This section provides a more detailed description of the product, including the technical specifications, architecture, and any third-party integrations.
  8. Requirements: This section outlines the functional and non-functional requirements that the product needs to meet to be considered complete.
  9. Release Criteria: This section outlines the acceptance criteria and the testing plan that needs to be followed before the product can be released.

Overall, Uber's PRD template is a comprehensive tool that enables product managers to define, communicate and manage their product vision and requirements. It helps ensure that everyone involved in the product development process is aligned and working towards the same goal.

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