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How To Create A Career Page

A well-crafted and informative career page has the power to attract highly qualified candidates. In this template, we explore the significance of a career page, its creation process, and essential steps to consider when designing one.

When you make the decision to develop a career page, it's essential to gather input from key stakeholders such as senior management, HR, content creators, web designers, and digital marketing teams. This collaborative approach ensures that you understand their needs and requirements. By making your career page both informative and captivating, you can engage readers and hold their attention. Follow these steps to create a career page that captures the interest of potential candidates and attracts the right talent for your company:

  1. Seek input from various stakeholders including senior management, HR, content creators, web designers, and digital marketing teams to understand their specific needs and expectations for the career page.
  2. Use the gathered insights to create a career page that is both informative and engaging, ensuring it provides valuable information while captivating readers.
  3. Continuously review and refine your career page to ensure it aligns with the evolving needs of your target audience and reflects your company's brand identity.

By following these steps, you can develop a company career page that effectively communicates your company's values and opportunities, attracting the right talent and enhancing your recruitment efforts.


At the very beginning, there should be a promise, a proposition, something that tells potential candidates.

"Here lies an opportunity not just for a job, but for a journey."

This introduction is your company's handshake with the visitor. A headline, a paragraph, and a visually captivating image that capture your company's vision can engage the users from the get-go. This vision is not merely a reflection of what you do; it is an invitation to the transformation your company aims to bring about.

Present the open job listings in an organised manner

When candidates visit a job listings page, it's crucial to have a well-designed and organized layout. A clutter-free and structured page enhances user engagement, while a complex layout can discourage candidates from exploring further. To simplify the user experience, incorporate search and filter features.

Make sure to place a visible and easily accessible prompt for send in the application. Avoid including distracting content unrelated to careers, as this can divert users' attention away from their job search or application process.

Make the job description simple but structured

To effectively communicate job information, avoid using complicated language when describing job roles, candidate profiles, and responsibilities. Instead, opt for simple and easily understandable terms to cater to a broader audience. Utilize bullet points to present information in a concise and scannable format. Ensure accuracy by providing precise details about job titles, eligibility criteria, and associated duties and responsibilities.

Breakdown the description into these broad points:

  1. Role Overview
  2. Skills and Qualifications
  3. Interview Process
  4. 30-60-90 day plan

Company's core values

Expand on the company's vision for employees. Highlight the salient features of your business operation and how you differ from other organisations working in the same domain. Involve your team members and stakeholders in the process to ensure diverse perspectives and collective buy-in.

🤔 We’re always curious: We’re continually asking questions and seeking answers. Every day is a chance to try something new and come up with novel solutions to “unsolvable” problems.
💡 Wild ideas, structured execution.: Structure is the core DNA of our company. We’re wild with our ideas and structured in our execution.
💙 We change for the better: We’ve all gone through major transformational changes in our personal and professional lives, and for the better.

Perks and Benefits

By showcasing perks and benefits on the careers page, you create an opportunity to attract top talent, communicate your company culture, enhance employee satisfaction, differentiate from competitors, and address candidate concerns. It plays a crucial role in presenting a view of your company's offerings and can significantly impact the success of your recruitment efforts.


Provide answers to potential employee questions through a Q&A section on your career page. Remember that visitors to your career page can be freshers or experienced professionals seeking job opportunities. Tailor the content of your Q&A section to cater to the different types of candidates who may use it. Use simple language to explain how professional engagement can benefit both the company and the candidate.
Some examples of questions you should answer before hand:

How can I submit my application? How can I contact the company?

What motivated the founders to start the company?

Where is the company headquartered or located?

How does the company facilitate remote work or remote collaboration?

How does the company prioritize work-life balance for its employees?

Definitive call to action

  1. Clear and Concise Language: Use straightforward and concise language to communicate the call to action. For example, "Apply Now" or "Submit Your Application."
  2. Highlight Time Commitment: Provide an estimate of the time required to complete the application process. This can be done by mentioning the expected duration or steps involved, such as "Complete the application in just 10 minutes" or "A simple three-step application process."
  3. Set Expectations: Be transparent about any additional steps or requirements beyond the initial application, such as assessments or interviews. Communicate these clearly to manage the candidate's expectations.

Remember, a definitive call to action and providing an estimate of the time commitment helps potential applicants make an informed decision and enhances the overall application experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Notion template?
A Notion template is any publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated. They allow you to duplicate other workflows and systems that you want to use.
How to duplicate a template?
After your purchase, you will receive a template link. Open the link, then click on duplicate on the top right corner, then choose the workspace you'd like to duplicate into. If you're logged out or don't have a Notion account, you'll be prompted to sign in or create one first.
Do I need to pay for Notion to use a template?
No. You will just need a free account plan in Notion to use a template.
How to use this template and create a career page for my company?
Duplicate the Template: Make a copy of the template and save it in a format that you can edit. Customize Sections: Go through each section of the template and replace the placeholder content with relevant information about your company. Update the introduction, job listings, company culture, employee benefits, growth opportunities, and application process sections with your specific details. Incorporate Your Branding: Add your company's logo, colors, and visual elements to the career page to align it with your brand identity.
What are the key steps to create an effective career page?
Understand your target audience: Identify the type of candidates you want to attract and tailor your content accordingly. Highlight your company's value proposition: Clearly communicate your company's vision, mission, and unique selling points to capture candidates' interest. Provide comprehensive job listings: Organize and present job openings in a clear and easily navigable format, including essential details such as job titles, responsibilities, and requirements. Showcase your company culture: Share information about your company's values, work environment, employee testimonials, and any unique programs or initiatives that set your company apart. Include employee benefits and perks: Highlight the benefits and perks you offer, such as competitive compensation, flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, or wellness programs. Create an easy application process: Simplify the application process by utilizing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, reducing unnecessary steps, and clearly outlining the required information.
What is the best way to communicate companies core values?
The best way to communicate a company's core values is through consistent messaging and incorporating them into various aspects of the organization. This can include clearly stating the values on the company website, incorporating them into mission and vision statements, integrating them into employee onboarding and training programs, and consistently reinforcing them through internal communication channels and company culture initiatives.
How do you write a job description?
To create a good job description, focus on providing clear and concise information about the role. Start with an attention-grabbing job title, followed by a brief overview of the company and the position. Outline the key responsibilities, required qualifications, and desired skills. Highlight any unique benefits or growth opportunities associated with the role. Finally, provide clear instructions on how to apply and any specific application requirements or deadlines.

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